Three suspenseful mystery novels. Over 800 pages of justice, served with a side of sass.

A divorcee in search of justice. A detective stuck in his old ways. Can an unlikely partnership survive a criminal conspiracy?

The Angelina Bonaparte Mysteries Box Set contains the first three books in a sassy, suspenseful mysteries series. If you like tenacious heroines, snarky humor, and twists and turns you won’t see coming, then you’ll love this high-spirited private eye collection.

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“… an impressive debut and a promising start to a smart new mystery series.” – Kirkus Reviews

After a bad divorce, Angelina Bonaparte trades her old life for a toned body, designer duds, a cherry-red Miata convertible and a new career as a private investigator.

When a Mafia underboss is arrested for the murder of his mistress, his pregnant wife begs Angie to clear her man. Angie would rather let the cheating scum rot, but she can’t turn away from a distraught woman’s plea.

As she and homicide Detective Ted Wukowski investigate the case from opposite sides, they each become convinced that Angie’s client is innocent – at least, of murder. Can they overcome their initial antagonism and learn to trust each other? They better, because there’s a killer on the loose and a baby who needs her daddy to bring her home from the hospital.

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“Cash Kills is a first-rate mystery that features a compelling lead character and a marvelous cast. It’s entertaining, fast-paced and suspenseful.” — Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

PI Angelina Bonaparte’s new client grew up as a child of Bosnian War refugees who lived like the working poor. She’s shocked to discover they left an inheritance of millions and hires Angie to uncover the sources of the money.

When the family attorney goes missing and his secretary is killed, Angie embarks on a wild investigation that draws in a Mafia lawyer, some Special Ops guys and a Sarajevo survivor, along with her homicide detective lover, Ted Wukowski.

Can Angie find the perpetrators before they get to her client? Because they want the money, and they’re not going to wait for the young woman to claim the inheritance.

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Did honor force him to abandon his wife and kids? Or is he just a weasel?

Six years ago, Marcy Wagner hired PI Angelina Bonaparte to find her missing husband Hank, who cleaned out their bank accounts and disappeared. Then Angie finds his obituary in an upstate newspaper. Marcy wants to know what why he abandoned her and the kids. Angie does, too!

She embarks on a mission that will blow the lid off Hank’s hidden life and reveal the reasons he ran. Was he a lowdown skunk? Or did he do the honorable thing when he left? Angie follows a twisted path to the truth and discovers that it lies perilously close to her own family life.

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