The truth will set you free … if it doesn’t kill you first.

Anthony Belloni, aka Tony Baloney, is accused of killing his mistress. His pregnant wife hires PI Angelina Bonaparte to find the real killer and exonerate Tony. Despite her aversion to cheaters, Angie believes in Tony’s innocence and takes the case. But the victim, Elisa Morano, cut a wide swath of hurt. Angie will have to peel back a lot of layers to find out who hated Elisa the most. 

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There’s no such thing as free money …

Adriana Johnson inherited millions from her murdered parents – who lived like the working poor and never had ‘enough.’ She hires PI Angelina Bonaparte to find the sources of the money. But Angie better watch her back, because someone will go to any lengths to stop Adriana from getting the cash.

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Audible book coming in Spring of 2018


Hank Wagner is the only “locate” that PI Angelina Bonaparte failed to find. After five years, a routine online search uncovers his obituary in an upstate newspaper. His wife Marcy wants to know what Hank’s been doing all those years. Angie does, too!