I’ve been reading mysteries since I was in second grade and got my first Nancy Drew. Historical, contemporary, futuristic, paranormal, hard-boiled, cozy … you can find them all on my bookshelves and in my ereaders. My background as an IT project manager brings logic and planning to my writing, and attention to characters and dialog flow from my second career as a Congregationalist minister.  (My books are not Christian fiction, but they contain no explicit sexual or violent scenes, and only the occasional mild curse word.)

Readers can sign up for my mailing list below and receive a free copy of Truth Kills, or enjoy the first chapters of both Truth Kills and Cash Kills right here on my web site or on Goodreads. I’m nearing completion of the first draft of the third Angie novel, with a working title of Deception Kills, and am working hard toward a 2017 publication date.

A longtime Wisconsin resident, I now reside in northern Colorado. No matter where I live, I will always be a Green Bay Packers fan.